About Changing Lanes

Mission Statement

Changing Lanes, LLC provides consulting, training, and tools for savvy business owners to create wildly profitable businesses that are saleable.

To My Clients: I provide education, tools, training and consulting to help our clients, create opportunities to share knowledge between clients, and enhance the development of sustainable, profitable, businesses that will become a saleable asset.

To My company: I strive to be a role model business using the same techniques, tools, and processes used by my clients; are an innovative laboratory for my clients while creating my own successful, sustainable, business that is a saleable asset.

To Future Entrepreneurs: To spread the excitement to the next generation about the potential of creating, owning, and building a saleable business.

Linda Fayerweather, CEO

Linda is the CEO and Founder of Changing Lanes, LLC. She has been a business coach and consultant for over 25yrs. She has an MBA in accounting from Augusta State University.

Linda has been a community leader in Maumee, OH for over 10yrs.

Awesome Achievements

  • Linda Founded WEN – Women’s Entrepreneurial Network
  • Linda received the Mile Stones Recipient for Business from the Toledo YWCA
  • Linda was captain of the Augusta State University Women’s Cross Country Team
  • Linda won Flower Garden of the year in Wilmington, DE