One Year Action Plan for Success

Planning and resource allocation are two key elements in growing a successful business. Creating a One Year Action Plan™ will require you to establish direction and set goals and my expertise will assist you in the development of your plan. By continuing on your journey with a roadmap in hand, you will have clearer direction and a better way to prioritize the countless opportunities that emerge at each crossroads. The map is simply a guide, which road to travel is always your choice. With my help, you will chart the path to where you want to be in one, three, or five years and know what the components are to support actualization and allow you to arrive at your chosen destination. This expedition will require your tenacity and resolve and the outcome will be determined by your accountability and commitment to “work your plan”.

The Basic Procedure for One Year Action Plan for Success

  • Create Owner (s) One Year Action Plans and Master Corporate Plan
    • Meeting with Owners – half day to complete
      • SWOT personal with owner(s)
      • SWOT business with owner(s)
      • Vision/Mission/Core Values developed
      • Strength Finders tool
    • Meeting with Owners and individuals that have important input – half day
      • Goals/Desired Outcomes
      • Delegation of goals to specific managers
      • Projects for owners
  • Team Plans (if desired by owner)
    • Introduction to meeting by owners – needed for staff to know that this is supported by leadership.
    • Three hour meeting in with Management Team
      • SWOT personal with owner(s)
      • SWOT business with owner(s)
      • Buy into Vision/Mission/Core Values review from owners, suggest any refinements
    • Three hour meeting with owner(s) merge individual plans; create Master Corporate Plan
      • Acceptance of assigned Goals/Desired Outcomes
      • Creation of projects to align with goals not assigned or developed
      • Projects for achieving goals
    • Two 30 minutes follow-up with each person via phone
  • Company Meeting (usually 2 hours)
    • Celebrate plans
    • Post Plans and explain accountability.
    • On-call email and phone to complete implementation.
    • Follow up as needed

This process takes one to three months depending on the company. If you have the time and want to make it happen quickly, we can make help you do that with a two day retreat. If, like many small businesses, you need to work this in around your customers and production, we can space it out over a two to three month period. All this is available for Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan clients.

Action Plan – One to Three Month Process: $2400

Action Plan – Two Day Retreat: $2400

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