Entrepreneurial Success System

Helping you, the entrepreneur and leader of your company identify how to grow a business and build an asset that could be sold. This is our strong point at Changing Lanes LLC. We want your business to be much more than a job and a stress maker. It should be something that will help you reach your dreams and desires. Our program can be on the phone, at our offices or at your location. The basic design will encompass helping you and your business build the plan for your business using the One Year Action Plan for Success that helps distill your Vision; Mission; Core Values; Desired Outcomes; and Projects to help build the future of your asset.

We use many standard tools to help you build your business to maximize your strengths, your staffs strengths and your market opportunity. Developing a plan, creating staff accountability, building a repeatable processes and products along with accessing the very particulars of your business. Helping you identify the procedures that make a business strong, sustainable and able to Thrive without you.

Our process may included but is not limited to:

  • One Year Plan for Success
  • Review of Profit/Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Accountability on Desired Outcomes and Projects
  • Alignment with your Plan
  • Dialog on business status
  • Determining time, energy and money needed to reach desired goals
  • Budget development and implementation
  • Update cash flow projections and compare actual to budget
  • Evaluation of where you are now and how to get you where you want to be
  • Lean process to help pull more profitability with less expense.
  • Accountability follow-up as you need (email, snail mail, phone or fax – as you request)
  • Use of PDCA – Plan-Do-Check-Act to stay on track and align with your plan.

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On Site Once a Month
Half Day / 4 Hours: $500

On Site Twice a Month
2 – Half Day / 2 – 4 Hours: $800

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