Training Classes

Our training programs provide you with focused business building solutions to help you create a business that is an asset and salable. We strive to be unique with our training program content by presenting all of the training in an interactive, innovative, implementable and forward thinking way. We deliver our training content backed by real world experience and working examples that can be used in your business today.

One Year Action Plan for Success! Training Class

This training workshop has Only 6 seats at each session for savvy, open minded entrepreneurs like you, who feel overwhelmed and time starved by the success of your business. You have a desire to leverage your time, resources and money to create a balance between your personal life and your business. This training workshop helps you make this happen.

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Understanding Business Financial Statements for Non-Financial People

When your accountant provides you with those financial statements, can they really be used to make your business better?  You bet they can AND this workshop will help you better understand how.  This is a lively, fun session on getting your business on a financial path to more success!

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Thrive! Growing Your Business to Thrive with or without You!

Its time to build a business that will be profitable, that will become an asset, and be able to run with or without you. Most owners don’t think about or have a plan for where they or their business will be. Thrive! is meant to do just that! It is time to think and create a business that will become the best business possible.

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Managing Your Financial System

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your bottom line. Having your head in the sand about your business’s finances leads to midnight worries, overdue bills and, worst of all, lost opportunities. Here’s your chance to turn that around! Minding Your Business will teach you to master the basics of business finance.

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