About Changing Lanes

Mission Statement

Changing Lanes, LLC provides consulting, training, and tools for savvy business owners to create wildly profitable businesses that are saleable.

To Our Clients: We provide education, tools, training and consulting to help our clients, create opportunities to share knowledge between clients, and enhance the development of sustainable, profitable, businesses that will become a saleable asset.

To Our company: We strive to be a role model business using the same techniques, tools, and processes used by our clients; are an innovative laboratory for our clients while creating our own successful, sustainable, business that is a saleable asset.

To Future Entrepreneurs: We spread the excitement to the next generation about the potential of creating, owning, and building a saleable business.


Linda Fayerweather, CEO

Linda is the CEO and Founder of Changing Lanes, LLC. She has been a business coach and consultant for over 25yrs. She has an MBA in accounting from Augusta State University.

Linda has been a community leader in Maumee, OH for over 10yrs.

Awesome Achivements
to us, not you, :o)

  • Linda Founded WEN – Women’s Entrepreneurial Newtwork
  • Linda received the Mile Stones Recipient for Business from the Toledo YWCA
  • Linda was captain of the Augusta State University Women’s Cross Country Team
  • Linda won Flower Garden of the year in Wilmington, DE

Jeff Mendelsohn, COO

Jeff is the COO of Changing Lanes. He has over 10yrs of web design and web development experience using HTML, CSS, ColdFusion, jQuery and MySQL. He also has over 20yrs of IT experience. He is the resident Web Guru, and sales and marketing expert.

He is also the owner and founder of Liquid Mechanix Studio, LLC.

Awesome Achivements
to us, not you, :o)

  • Jeff is the proud parent of Bender Bending Rodríguez.
  • Jeff finally beat Super Mario World after 19yrs.
  • Jeff owns Alien the movie on laser disc.
  • Jeff knows a lot of useless facts thanks to the Internet.

Tiffiny Fayerweather, CFO

Tiffiny is CFO of Changing Lanes. She has over 15yrs of office management, team building, supervisory, and logistics experience. She is going to school to get her bachelor’s degree in Accounting. She is the resident Quick Books and Microsoft Suit expert.

Awesome Achivements
to us, not you, :o)

  • Tiffiny currently holds a 3.79 GPA.
  • Tiffiny is a cross country, track, and swim mom.
  • Tiffiny is fluent in American Sign Language.
  • Tiffiny was a Sea Scout.