Managing Your Financial System

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your bottom line. Having your head in the sand about your business’s finances leads to midnight worries, overdue bills and, worst of all, lost opportunities. Here’s your chance to turn that around! Minding Your Business will teach you to master the basics of business finance. The payoff is huge. You’ll always know where you stand financially. This will enable you to make successful decisions. Profit from new opportunities. And sleep much better at night. In this lively, interactive course, you’ll learn The Very Simple Systemâ„¢; a basic bookkeeping and record keeping method that requires no computer or accounting knowledge.

You will leave the class with:

  1. The knowledge to set up and maintain your system
  2. At least one month of your system in place
  3. The self confidence that comes from knowing you can do this

This is not a dry, academic course. We’ll apply these skills to your business and show you how to use them. Through group sharing and real-world examples, you’ll learn the why, the “how to” and experience the relief that comes from having your system in place. You’ll learn how to know if you’re charging enough for your products. Whether your profits are going up or down. If you can afford a new computer. Where to trim expenses. And much more. Think business finance is dull or scary? Think again. It’s about making money, being successful and having more time for creativity! What could be more fun than that?


Lori Schoch-Mann says:
“I finished “Minding Your Business” with a completely new prospective & understanding of my business books. I thought I had a good grip on them before, but after taking [this] class I realize that I knew almost nothing! Linda presented the material in a very easy-to-understand format. I was so excited after I finished the class that I went home and decided to go backwards for the past 7 months and “catch up” my books to the same format that Linda taught us! I now have the confidence that the records I take into my CPA at the end of the year will be accurate and the year end process will much less painstaking than in years past!”

Managing Your Financial System
First Attendee: $TBA
Additional Attendees: $TBA/per person*

*Additional Attendees must be from the same company