One Year Action Plan for Success! Training Class

This training workshop has only 6 seats at each session for savvy, open minded entrepreneurs like you, who feel overwhelmed and time starved by the success of your business. You have a desire to leverage your time, resources and money to create a balance between your personal life and your business. This training workshop helps you make this happen.

The One Year Action Plan helps answer these questions about your business:

  • Where will your business be in 3 years?
  • What is the mission of your business?
  • What will you and your team stand behind and what are the core values for your company?
  • What are your desired business outcomes, strategies, and goals and when will they happen?
  • How will your business outcomes, strategies and goals be achieved?

The One Year Action Plan for Success™ will produce:

  • Mission and Goal Alignment.
  • Owner and Employee Accountability.
  • Quantifiable Business Results!

Who Should attend?

  • Business Owners
  • Sole Proprietors
  • Partners (get a group rate)
  • Business Decision Makers

November 30, 2012    9AM-4PM

  • Cost:  $249 for first from company, $89 for second or spouse
  • Class size is limited to 6
  • Working Lunch provided
  • One-to-one private consulting session scheduled after for accountability and completion
  • One Year Action Plan 2013 <<Flyer with Registration  or  Register online with all major credit cards.

One Year Action Plan




“I took Changing Lanes’ One Page Business Plan four years ago and am amazed at how easy it is to develop a one page business plan that does work. Linda also followed up after the training to offer additional suggestions on implementation of the plan. If you believe your business is not running at an optimum level, I would strongly suggest you talk to Linda at Changing Lanes.”
Jeff Ogg


“My business focus has changed in the last 4 years from start-up to client retention and managed growth. Changing Lanes workshop on the one page plan guided me as to what the next steps were and more importantly – how to get there.”
Joani Donovan LMT


“Linda, of Changing Lanes, has a one page business plan workshop that she puts on throughout the year. I went to this early on in my career and she really helped me to look forward and put down on paper what I want in my career. Linda is a very compassionate and giving person. A great coach to work with.”
Allison Adkins, CIC


“Changing Lanes was an integral part in starting my business. I had a plan and ideas. [They are] the architect that helped me put the pieces together to create direction, with a map for the future. This guidance was invaluable.”
Mary Ann McGill


“Great expert advice! Helped me develop and implement strategies to manage and grow my business. Easy to follow and implement!”
Tara Walton

One Year Action Plan for Success! Training
First Attendee: $249
Additional Attendees: $89/per person*

Call 419.897.0528 to Register

*Additional Attendees must be from the same company