Happy Employees

Recently we celebrated “Equal Pay Day” which means if you do equal work, the pay should be equal.  This isn’t socialism, it is common sense.  If you are running an ice cream store and all the employees are new this year and you decide to pay those with blue eyes more per hour than those [Read More]

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Good To Great Customer Service

The first step towards great customer service starts with the hiring process. Just because an applicant has a great attitude and demeanor, it does not mean that they will always have that on the floor with your customer. You need to ask the right questions to understand their customer service skills.

Ask for a definition of [Read More]

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Bad Employees Can Ruin Good Employees

Bad employees can ruin a business from the inside out on various levels. They can fail to complete projects on time or at all, spread negativity, drive customers away, just to name a few. But even if your employees are resistant to the bad employee it can still cause major issues and drive your good [Read More]

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You Need A Budget – Follow Up

It has been three months since I started using You Need a Budget. I’m pleased to say that I’ve stuck with it and am really starting to get my budget under control. Here are a few things I’ve learned so far.

We spend a lot of money going out to eat. Well we use to. Now [Read More]

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Is There a Trademark in Your Future?

You, too can have a trademark, in fact, you may already have one!.  A trademark may be a

Design or
Combination word and design, a
Slogan or even a
Distinctive sound which identifies and distinguishes the goods or services of one party from those of another or a
Color or even the
Shape of the product itself.

In general, the term  trademark [Read More]

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Finally Warmer Weather, Now What?

Summer is FINALLY almost here and it has been one beautiful day after another. Many staff members as well as managers are turning their thoughts to golf, vacation, and other outdoor activities. Summertime temperatures may make you feel your staff has come to a slow crawl but, it’s actually a great opportunity to cultivate your [Read More]

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Customer Data Leads To Opportunities

For a few months now I’ve been working with a client to connect SalesForce to their website. Overall it has been a good and interesting process. Originally they just wanted to keep their user/company data synced but exploring what I have access to as far as SalesForce data I found a goldmine to improve the relationship between the company and their customers. My client has been pretty diligent about keeping records when ever they interact with a customer. They record when ever they talk to the customer on the phone, what the conversation was about, every email, every product/service order, what certifications they have, and a ton of company information. All of which I have access to and the ability to pull it into the website. Because my client is so meticulous about collecting data I have the opportunity to customize the user’s experience on the website based on the company/customer interaction history and so can you. But how?

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Taking Your Devices with You?

Traveling for business or personal now means many of us take two, three or more devices with us on a trip.  Many of us will have a phone and a computer like device (Ipad, Surface, Laptop, Tablet) and maybe a reading device (Nook or Kindle), too.
Travel Tips:

Password.  Each device is loaded with data and much [Read More]

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Customer Life Cycle

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is the customer life cycle and how a customer moves through a business. This is just a rough idea but it got me thinking what I started to break it down. I realized how much not only my business is missing but also how many other businesses fail to [Read More]

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Economic Incentives

A well crafted loyalty card is designed to reward existing customers and be an attraction to new customers and that is an economic incentive. The most common one people find is at many coffee shops – buy ten drinks the eleventh one is free. The economics is basically if ten drinks are sold and eleven [Read More]

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