Say YES or Say NO

Work life balance is what we create and as business owners, we are often seeing both sides – our balance and our staffs’ balance.  I, for one, go with Life Balance.  Long ago, I started putting all my events/appointments/obligations on

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Beta Test the New Changing Lanes App!

After months of development we are finally ready to beta test our business building app! And we need your help! A Little Overview Our app was designed to help you turn your business into an asset by assisting you in

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Trash and Research

While at my local Post Office recently, when I went to throw away the paper off the postage labels from the stamps I purchased, I discovered that all the little trash slots under the workstations were screwed shut.  When I

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Value Stream

Looking at the value stream of your business refers to all the activities your company must do to design, order, produce, and deliver its products or services to customers. A value stream will have three sections: 1. The flow of

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Enjoy Labor Day with Reflections

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” –Thomas A. Edison The first Labor Day holiday, created by the Central Labor Union of New York, was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882.

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How is Everything a High Priority?

A few months ago I had to tell a client of mine to slow down and rethink their development list. Everything was marked high priority and every new item became mission critical. Their web manager and I were running from

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Lean Living: Lakes and Rocks

Toyota uses the metaphor the Lake and the Rocks to refer to problems. The lake is the work in process, or inventory, or maybe partially completed tax returns and the rocks are the problems that slow the process. Anyone that

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Hiring Better Entry Level Employees

My friend told me an interesting story about a recent job interview she had gone to. The position was entry level, just about the lowest position you could get in the company. The position only required a high school graduate

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Cost of Vacation

How much does it cost to give employees vacation? Employers need to look at both Costs and Benefits. Costs are usually easy; benefits are often softer – like morale, turnover, and image. Depending on the job the person does, the

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Budget Paralysis

“I can’t do a budget because I don’t have the Cash Flow!” is the lament I hear regularly when I try to help business owners develop a budget to achieve their business goals. Believe me you can do it, as

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