Changing Lanes consults savvy, open entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed and time starved by the success of their business and desire to further leverage their time, resources and money. As a result of working with Changing Lanes, they will define their perfect work system which will lead to a more profitable business bringing balance, energy and joy to their life.Owning your own business or managing a small business means the pot of gold is often obscured by the day to day realities of business. Take the time to put your business on the fast road to your dreams. As your business is growing, expanding and you are just loving it! You know there are other opportunities out there. Let Changing Lanes, LLC help you identify and implement your next success.Working with our business consulting team, you and your business will experience growth with less stress. Together, we will identify your goals, strategies, vision, mission and create the plans to make it happen.

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Cost of Vacation

How much does it cost to give employees vacation? Employers need to look at both Costs and Benefits. Costs are usually easy; benefits are often softer - like morale, turnover, and image. Depending on the job the person does, the cost is not only what you pay the...

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Budget Paralysis

"I can't do a budget because I don't have the Cash Flow!" is the lament I hear regularly when I try to help business owners develop a budget to achieve their business goals. Believe me you can do it, as one purpose of a budget is to benchmark the business's spending....

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Drive Your Goals

Mid Year Alert!  Vacations are Happening!  Where are your goals? Since vacation often means taking a trip, let's take our goals on a trip!  This may sound silly, but what we think about does have priority over what we ignore.  Maybe yur goals are just lonely for us....

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