For how tech savvy I am, I have never really messed with email filters. I like seeing all my emails, even the ones that come from stores. I know I shouldn’t check my emailinbox every time I see my new email notification come up. Some days that thought wins while other days I catch myself checking my email a lot. For good reason I suppose, as I get busier, I do get more emails from clients. But I noticed some thing. earlier this month I noticed I was spending a lot of time messing with emails. Mainly deleting all the marketing emails I get from stores.

Most days I receive any where between 15 to 35 marketing emails. Now that I’m on a budget, all I really do is delete the email or skim through it then delete it. But I noticed I was still clicking on some of the emails. Which in turn would get me lost in some site looking at products I shouldn’t buy.

So I decided to create an email filter. Every time I receive a marketing email I add it to the filter. The filter just moves the email into a folder. It is pretty simple and I know a lot of you have probably done this for years now. But up until now I have never really seen the need for filters.

Two things happened. First I noticed my inbox was much cleaner. Huh, imagine that. I’m seeing the emails that I actually want to see. Next, I’m not managing emails I don’t need to deal with at this time. I’m not looking at them, so I’m not clicking on them, and I’m not getting lost in some store. But it is nice to know that those emails are in one place, waiting for me to look at them. Which I do once a day or once every other day, instead of almost every time I check my email. Out of sight, out of mind and now I have a bit more time.

So if you have the same issue I do, you might want to try setting up a few email filters.