Mid Year Alert!  Vacations are Happening!  Where are your goals?roadtrip

Since vacation often means taking a trip, let’s take our goals on a trip!  This may sound silly, but what we think about does have priority over what we ignore.  Maybe yur goals are just lonely for us.

Get in the driver’s seat of your “goal-mobile” and pick one you will activate now.  When new tasks surface, make sure they help you achieve this goal.

  • If a task does not contribute to the goal, think of it as an unpaved side-road you might want to avoid.
  • If a task is necessary for goal, but not right now; send it to the back seat and ask it to be quiet.
  • When a new great idea shows up, it can be parked for later use.

Sometimes simple visualizations can help us stay on task and achieve today what will help us shine at the end of the year.