Changing Lanes consults savvy, open entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed and time starved by the success of their business and desire to further leverage their time, resources and money. As a result of working with Changing Lanes, they will define their perfect work system which will lead to a more profitable business bringing balance, energy and joy to their life.Owning your own business or managing a small business means the pot of gold is often obscured by the day to day realities of business. Take the time to put your business on the fast road to your dreams. As your business is growing, expanding and you are just loving it! You know there are other opportunities out there. Let Changing Lanes, LLC help you identify and implement your next success.Working with our business consulting team, you and your business will experience growth with less stress. Together, we will identify your goals, strategies, vision, mission and create the plans to make it happen.

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Memories of Learning

Being Memorial Day, I will ask: “Who do you remember on this day?”

As a kid, we always called this Decoration Day and I remember my Mom going with her Mom to decorate the graves of those family members that were gone. This required many geraniums, brooms, and grass clippers. I would overhear stories and history that fascinated me.

My Dad, a WWII vet, had a friend that would put flags on veterans’ graves which apparently started at on bar and ended at another each May 30. He thought that was the best way to decorate although the straightness of the flags was questionable near the end of the day. In 1968, four US holiday’s were moved to Monday to give us a long weekend to celebrate and start the summer season, and Memorial day was one to become the last Monday of May.

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168 Hours

This week you have a gift and this gift is 168 hours - the number of hours in one week, seven 24 hour sessions.  How you spend those is up to you. Planning to maximize these hours is worth an hour of your time.  If you live by a schedule, expanding the schedule to...

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Say YES or Say NO

Work life balance is what we create and as business owners, we are often seeing both sides - our balance and our staffs' balance.  I, for one, go with Life Balance.  Long ago, I started putting all my events/appointments/obligations on one calendar.  This way, I can...

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Trash and Research

While at my local Post Office recently, when I went to throw away the paper off the postage labels from the stamps I purchased, I discovered that all the little trash slots under the workstations were screwed shut.  When I asked the postal person where I might throw...

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Value Stream

Looking at the value stream of your business refers to all the activities your company must do to design, order, produce, and deliver its products or services to customers. A value stream will have three sections: 1. The flow of all materials from beginning to...

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