After months of development we are finally ready to beta test our business building app! And we need your help!

A Little Overview
Our app was designed to help you turn your business into an asset by assisting you in recording all the information that makes your business run. By doing so you are effectively turning your business into a system that relies on proven methods. It doesn’t matter whether you are a sole proprietor or or business with 500 employees when you run your business as a system, it is proven that your business will run more efficiently and be more profitable.

The app will help you create a business structure (company information, departments, positions, & employees), build your business core (core values, mission statement, vision statement, & objectives), build job descriptions, policies, and more. These are things you might have already considering none of this is new to business. But what makes our app different is the how all of this is packaged, how we connect it all together, and what the end result will be.

What Does the Beta Test Involve?
Basically we need you to use the app as if it were part of your business. What that means is up to you. It could mean fully integrate it into your business, using it sparingly or some where in between. This app also doesn’t have an end or completion point. We just need people to use the app to see what they like, don’t like, needs improvement, etc.

We will also need you to fill out surveys and have a few phone calls with us during and after the beta test.

How Long will this Beta Test Last?
The Beta test will last 2-3 months.

Conclusion of the Beta Test.
After the beta test is over with, we expect to have a few area that will need changing, bugs to fix, and some improvements. If you wish, we can delete your data at this time or keep it in the system for the next beta test or launch.

For those who help during the beta test(s) you will be given a special early adopter status. This means you will receive benefits that other users won’t get including but not limited to discounts on services and special training/consulting.

If you are interested in helping us beta test, please email Jeff Mendelsohn: betatest-{[AT]}