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You Need A Budget – Follow Up

It has been three months since I started using You Need a Budget. I’m pleased to say that I’ve stuck with it and am really starting to get my budget under control. Here are a few things I’ve learned so far.

We spend a lot of money going out to eat. Well we use to. Now [Read More]

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Delegation Makeover

Monday morning, again.  Here are just two things you can start doing this Monday that will make you more productive.  INC Magazine, one of my favorites, had a great article on the nine things to help you be more productive from tips they’d gleaned from some of the most productive.  Most were obvious or in [Read More]

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The Biggest Mistake of My Life

Long ago I worked for a small company. My business was pretty new and I was looking for money any where I could so I agreed to work part time. I helped this company bring a failing web application back to life and to production. Part time ended up being full time. But they promised [Read More]

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You Need A Budget

In general I’ve always felt I’m pretty good with money. My parents taught me the value of a dollar, why it is important to save money, and why debt is bad. But I’ve never really had a budget. I never felt I really needed one because I wasn’t living pay check to pay check and at the end of every month I had spent less money than I brought in.

However, over the past few years as I make more money I started to succumb to lifestyle inflation. In most respects I think I’ve done a pretty good job of cutting back and not giving in but it is a constant battle. The other thing I realized is I couldn’t tell where all my money is going. Yeah I have a record of it because I rarely pay in cash and use my credit card for everything (paying it off in full each month) but that doesn’t do much for me if I’m not managing my money. So I thought it is time for me to get a budget.

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Looking Forward to 2014

I’m not one for New Year Resolutions. I look at it as if I need a date to start doing something, I probably won’t do it. But this year as I sat at my desk on Jan 1st and reflected back on 2013. I realized that I need, no… want to make a change. 2013 was just a blah year for me. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good. The most I can really say is I work a lot on my business, I’m still doing a lot of things I don’t want to do and I visited two places I don’t care to go to again.  So for 2014 I thought, why not make some goals and changes? Things that I want to do to make my life better.

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Get Organized

The end of the year is almost here! Now is the time to start the year end processes you should be doing to keep your business organized.
Here are a few ways to make the new year a little less cluttered;

Scan your receipts and invoices and electronically file them by month. Some office programs even allow [Read More]

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How To Find Your Lost Android Phone.

My cell phone is a huge part of my life. It is not only for personal use but I rely on it a lot for my business. If I were to loose my phone or if it was stolen I’d be pretty screwed like I talked about in this article I wrote earlier this year: It [Read More]

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Power Naps

I admit it!  I’ve been taking power naps since I was in college.  A power nap in my world is fifteen minutes or less; I do set an alarm although I usually awake before the time I set.  The power of napping has been known by many leaders including Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy, Stonewall Jackson, [Read More]

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Time Suck

“Where has the time gone?” It’s a question we have all asked ourselves dozens of times. Time suck starts in seconds and can eventually eat up hours of our day. You may not even realize when it’s happening. It’s that quick conversation you had at the water cooler that took up five minutes, an email from a friend turned into reading and replying frenzy taking over an hour, and let’s not even think about how much time was wasted on things like social media and texting.

Looking back on your day many of you may not put into the calculation the minutes it took you writing texts and having those small side conversations. Who would? It was only a minute or two! It is these little individual conversations, whether it’s face to face, texting, emailing or posting that could add up to a larger amount of time lost than you thought. 

Not a texter, no computer, no friends, you could still have time sucks in your day. If you have a large commute time traveling around during the day or just from work to home and back again, meetings that may take hours, especially if you really don’t need to be in attendance, television (do I need to go into detail about what a time suck television is?), and dealing with unanticipated problems that arise throughout the day can all suck away valuable time.

Recently, in my own little time suck of internet browsing, I came across this time killers article from It shows the biggest time killers and how to combat them. You can even find out if you are a last minute, fear or a decisional procrastinator (I’m a last minute procrastinator, shhh). 

So in the spirit of wasting time, and by that I mean research, yeah, research click here for the infographic! 

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Labor Day

Labor Day is designed to honor ALL who labor – hope you have an restful day.  Enjoy some quotes and poem below to celebrate the fruits of your labors.  Have a great week.
Thank you to all those people who labor and get very little recognition. This is your day! If you are working today, thank [Read More]

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