I cannot count how many times I have sat behind my desk thinking “If I owned this place I would do things differently”.

Whether or not I could run the business better if I did own it is not the point, it is the mere fact that I cared and wanted to make a difference.
Many staff members feel the same way, just wanting to be able to help
out when times get tough or give some input to help gain more customers.
Gaining the insight of your staff can give you a more intimate
knowledge of were problem areas may hide. Some of the ways you can open
the lines of communication is by asking your staff questions and really
listening to what they say.

  • What would you change to make this a better place to work?
  • What is working, what is not working?
  • Can we make customer service better, how?
  • What would you eliminate?
  • Would spend your money on these services?

Empowering your
staff with their insights and opinions can give them a sense of
ownership and pride in their work, and as you already know, a happy
worker, is a productive worker!