The best practice to keeping your staff members accountable is to practice what you preach.  As an owner or manager, if you come in late, take extended lunches or leave early on a regular basis your staff will follow suit.  Here are a few ways to keep your staff accountable for their actions.

Documentation – A clear cut written copy of their job description with an employee handbook outlining vacation/sick policies, holiday pay, etc., Chain of command chart, safety standards and yearly review information.

Don’t play favorites – When you have a family member or close friend working with you they have to play by the rules that any other staff member adheres to.

Discipline – When it comes to discipline have a procedure. Documentation on discipline procedures and following through when it comes time will show your staff you mean business.

Feedback – Provide feedback on projects in a timely manner, good or bad. Make sure your staff is aware that you do not approve of the blame game either. If a project was placed in their hands they are ultimately responsible.

Remember, if you hold yourself and your business to a higher standard your staff will too.