Is it more economical for you to retrain or fire a poor performing staff member? In today’s economy many businesses are retraining their staff members instead of finding new talent.  Having to find a new staff member and take the time and manpower to train can be more expensive than simply retraining.  So when do you know when it’s time to embrace or fire?

Embrace and Train Staff Who:

  • Understand that knowledge is power.
  • Ask for evaluations or advice on their performance.
  • Take responsibility for their mistakes.
  • Show that they can take action to improve performance.
  • Can be easily trained by a mentor, boss, or coach.

Fire Staff Who:

  • Put the blame anywhere but on themselves.
  • Only want to improve for bonuses.
  • Lack communication skills (even after several reminders).
  • Have to be reminded time after time how to do their job.
  • Believe your training is more of a suggestion than process.

Make sure you keep notes in your annual evaluations and if your staff member keeps making the same mistakes you know their time has come to an end.