Hiring can be difficult but knowing what you want in your management can make or break the way your company is perceived by the public. A bad leader can create a negative atmosphere that will spread itself throughput your company and eventually into your customer service.

Overlooking great qualities and going for the good salesmen that promise higher production and sales seems to be the way of the world when it comes to hiring team leaders. Changing your habits when you want to hire the next leader can help you build a better working staff. Next time you are in the market for a new leader for your team, look for these seven aspects:

Integrity – Does your candidate have morals, ethical principles and honesty?

Passion – Can they see opportunities instead of obstacles?

Courage – Do they have the ability to face conflict without hesitation?

Emotional Intelligence – Do they know the difference in what they feel and how they act?

Vision – Are they able to see outside of the box and bring that vision to their team?

Judgment – Can they make quick and sound business decisions?

Empathy – Can they understand people and their feelings?

Great leaders make great work environments and when your staff is happy, your business grows!