The first Labor Day holiday, created by the Central Labor Union of New York, was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882 and now many of us see this holiday as  end the of summer.

Celebrate today the 364 days you work and help make the world economy revolve. Yes, we are the world as all of our work is linked to others through vendors, customers, employees, subcontractors and neighbors.  Finding meaning and purpose in our work is important and for some, labor is an exchange for the resources to give meaning to life.  For others, work is what we do to meet our life mission or goals.  Knowing your own personal mission is something that may help define you and your work. Dr. Britt Andreatta has created worksheets for helping you develop your own statement and it is worth a look.  Personal Mission Statement

If you work, have worked or will work, this day is for you!