This past month I’ve talked to several potential clients about a new website and other services. They all had a common theme, they were all unhappy with their current web providers. When we talked about what my company could do for them it became apparent that their web designers:

  • Weren’t listening to what their client wanted.
  • Weren’t doing what the clients ask for in a timely manor.
  • Weren’t able but mostly weren’t willing to learn new things to provide what their clients wanted.
  • Would say “No, it can’t be done”.
  • Were creating unnecessary work to bill for.
  • Weren’t talking to their clients or bringing them new ideas on how to make more money.
  • Weren’t asking their clients if they are actually happy with their service.

This list goes on but you get the point. The sad thing is everything I just said is easily fixed but because the other web designers didn’t try to fix any thing my company gained some clients. It got me thinking… How can you as a business owner make sure your clients are happy and that you are doing everything you can for them? Easy. Why not create a survey that you ask yourself and your client? Here are a few example questions.

  1. Am I providing a service or product that will help a my customer make more money?
  2. Am I providing said service or product in the most efficient way possible? 
  3. Are there any ways to improve my service or product?
  4. Are there any other skills I can learn to help my customers even more?
  5. Am I completing the service or product in a timely fashion?
  6. Have I just talked to my client to see how their business is going and if there is any thing else I could possibly do?
  7. Is my client actually happy with my service or product?

These questions should be asked in person. Maybe take your client out for coffee or a beer. By asking these questions it will show that you care not only about your client and their business but about providing the best possible service. It will also help you improve your business. Which is always a good thing! So a good goal this week would be to make up a survey that asks those hard questions, then schedule some appointments with your clients.