The people you surround yourself with have a greater influence on you than you think. Those people can have a direct influence on your success or failure.

I recently ran into an old friend. We parted ways over 7 years ago because he stopped growing up. He was forever 21. Rock n’ Roll all day Party all night. At the time it was a difficult decision to stop hanging out with him. He was a good friend, we had a lot in common, he was fun and always had something going on. But staying up till 2:00 A.M. or later a few nights a week started to take a major toll on my business and life in general. After thinking about where I wanted my life to go, I realized that I had to make a change or I would never meet my goals.

He is almost 32 now and just now getting his life in order. He has nothing to show for his 20’s except a bunch of great stories. He isn’t a bad guy and having fun doesn’t make him a bad person. Talking with him just reminded me why I chose to stop hanging out with him and start hanging out with other like minded people, like Entrepreneurs, web designers, and other techie’s. It was those people who inspired me to build my business and make it the best it could possibly be.

Surrounding myself with fellow Entrepreneurs helped changed my thinking from “Where’s the next party?” to “What’s the next thing I can do to help my business?” I saw all the great things my fellow Entrepreneurs were doing and didn’t want to be left behind.

This week take the time to think about who you surround yourself with. Are those people the people who will help you reach your business/life goals?