In business people come and people go. Sometimes it’s voluntary and other times, not so much. Either way your business needs to have a plan of action to keep from missing any steps.

No matter what the reason for separation an exit strategy should include a checklist. Your checklist should include items belonging to the business that are in the hands of staff members (keys, phones, uniforms, computers, etc.)

If the separation is voluntary the staff member should sit down with an HR representative and discuss the reasons for leaving. Ask them to fill out exit evaluation that will not be read by anyone other than Hr. They should also be given a copy of the checklist and detailed information regarding their last paycheck and termination of benefits. If you decide to allow your staff member to work out their two weeks’ notice inform them that all email, voicemail and any other communication on behalf of the business may be monitored in order to keep things running smoothly after they leave.

In the case of an involuntary separation the staff member should have all access removed immediately. All items on the checklist should be immediately surrendered or turned in within a reasonable time. If you have regular keys they should have been marked with a DO NOT COPY. Electronic keys should be deleted and if possible remotely lock the company computer. All information leading up to an involuntary separation should be completed in detail and put into the staff members file.

In either situation the staff member and you should sign the checklist once all items have been returned.

Do you have an exit strategy? Give us a call and we can help set you up or guide you through it.