The Entrepreneur,  the Technician, the Manager, and MOM.  No, this isn’t a strange joke but the skills of each are needed to successfully grow and run any business.

  • The technician is the doer, laborer, the person that makes it happen.
  • The manager is the organizer, the scheduler, the person that makes the details stay in place.
  • The entrepreneur is the visionary and the idea person.
  • MOM is the mentor of the moment, the person that helps us all get along, the smoother of trouble waters and the eyes that see beyond the project.

As a business owner, we reach the point where we need to identify which we do best and make sure the other traits are covered.  What we can’t do, we can often outsource or hire staff and we can keep doing what we love!

Now, for MOM, sometimes this can be a person, a friend, a spouse or maybe you are ready for a Board Room Mastermind Group, a Focused Women’s Business Owners Growth Group or maybe a coach.  Change is possible, maybe changing lanes to a more productive business is in your future.