I realize many of you have started your business on your own. It was your idea that started your success, your blood sweat and tears. No wonder it may be hard for you to allow a little collaboration happen regarding the business you nursed from day one.

I’m here to tell you to stop trying to do everything on your own! It is the idea that no one knows your business better than you that gets you stuck in a rut. The reason why so many businesses fail is because they lack the ability to collaborate ideas with people who don’t see eye to eye.

So how do you build collaboration?

  • Have both open and private space available to discuss projects. If a project is being performed by a large group, then an open space is more suitable for discussion and idea-generation. If it’s a smaller project where contributors must voice their opinions, a more private area might be appropriate and more comfortable for team members.
  • Let collaboration develop naturally. It doesn’t always have to be in a formal meeting. It can be through an email chain, on a lunch break or general conversation.
  • Be sure those involved have time to develop ideas. Individuals need time to develop their work. Ideas need time to grow.
  • Don’t underestimate the quiet members of the group. Just because they might not speak up a lot does not mean they don’t have valuable ideas. After all, the work starts with the individual.

Seeing ideas through other people’s eyes is what gives your business perspective. Think of it like a cup of coffee, would you open a coffee shop and not serve sugar because you only consume Splenda? That would be foolish, right?