This past week I took The 7 Day Business Improvement Challenge. I totally made up the challenge last week but you know what. It was a success! So here is the skinny, for 7 days in a row I did at least 1 thing to help my business. It doesn’t matter how much time was spent each day, the point was to do one thing a day to improve the business.

I took a project I wanted to get done, in this case I wanted to finish a book I’ve been working on for Changing Lanes.

  • Day 1: I took 20 minutes to research and started an outline for the book.
  • Day 2: I finished the outline and started writing. Roughly 25 mins.
  • Day 3-6: I continued to write. I spent about 20-40 mins each day.
  • Day 7: I proofed the book and sent it to Linda and Tiffiny to proof read and add any thing I missed.

The book is short, roughly 20 some pages, about 4800 words. But this book is going to kick start a lot of other projects. We now have a ton of ideas for blog posts/articles, we have at least 4 other books that will come from this book. It is also the start of our residual income product line.

For this next week, take the 7 Day Business Improvement Challenge. Spend just a bit of time each day improving your business. It doesn’t have to be something that will make you money. Maybe you want to clean up your office. Or make your Facebook page better. Either way, spend a bit of time improving your business. By the end of the week I will bet you will have have accomplished something that will help your business succeed. Post what you are working on in the comments below. We would love to hear what you are doing.

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