Looking for a few ways to stay organized? Having a few simple tricks up your sleeve can help make your days a little easier. Here are your 7 ways to stay organized ideas.

  1.  Don’t assign tasks without documented support. When you assign a task, put it in writing, this will allow your staff to go back and understand what is expected and when it is due. Make sure your instructions are clear and to the point.
  2. Set a due date and a priority level then, check up on itLet them know when it is due and what priority it takes if something else comes their way. Make sure when the due date comes you acknowledge it, thank them for a job well done.
  3. Don’t over complicate things. How many steps does it really take to get a task done? Your procedures shouldn’t have too many steps, this only promotes steps being skipped or looked over when someone is in a rush. Simple is almost always better.
  4.  Stop updating. Does your email interrupt you every time you get on task? Set time frames during the day when everyone’s email updates. Unless it’s urgent, every few hours should do the trick.
  5. Get a white board. I like white boards to jot down my daily tasks. I can write down what needs to get done, then wipe it off when it’s finished. Having it sit across from my desk also means I have to look at it often. 
  6. Get electronic. Do you need to know where your staff  are or when their next meeting is? Look into online calendars. There are a plethora of calendars that can organize and help with project organization.
  7. Never assume. Never assume your staff is staying on task. Make it a point to find out when things get finished. If you never follow up they will learn to expect it.

Have a few ideas of your own? Leave us a comment!