Changing “What is” to “What could be” requires solutions.

When the local economy is below par, business owners and managers often lament that if they had different employees or more loyal customers, business would be better.  Happy, loyal customers are a reflection of smart, talented employees.  Remember, if you are the business owner, you hired the employees (so you can fire them) and you set your target market to find those customers while maintaining quality.

As summer approaches, spring into action and approach your business on three fronts:

  1. Finish your staff spring cleaning and you will be happier and often your staff will be, too.
  2. Reconsider your marketing to target the customers you want! Empower your staff/employees/associates to fix problems.
  3. When someone discovers a problem, they should have the resources to fix it.  The customer that was dissatisfied with a product or service loathes repeating the difficulty, in fact; this repetition may actually increase the level of dissatisfaction.  Determine what you, as the owner/manager, are willing to discount, give away or reimburse and then let everyone know.  When employees are aware they have solutions their proactive attention will help defuse the dissatisfied.

Approaching summer with a new vision of what could be and how to transform what is will enhance your bottom line in the long run.

What strategies do you put in place to make each month an improvement from past performance?