Do your employees think you’re a little overbearing? Does conversation cease and only the sound of clicking on keyboards can be heard the minute you walk in?

If the scenario sounds familiar you may have employees that feel a little too babysat. I recently read an article from Inc. that gave a list of items that may help you assess whether or not you are considered an overbearing boss. Here is what they have to say:

1) Do you easily become impatient with people who don’t appear to feel the same sense of urgency you do?
2) Do you consider yourself a competitive person? Do other people find you competitive?
3) Have friends or family ever told you that you are being unrelenting or too driving?
4) Do you have an open-door policy, or do employees freely email you with their questions and ideas?
5) Do you receive a lot of feedback?
6) How often do you get into arguments?
7) Do you typically offer your opinion, whether it is solicited or not?
8) How often do you let other people give you directions or tell you what to do?
9) Do you ever deliberately provoke mild-mannered people because you think a little confrontation would be good for them?
10) When you drive, do you consider a traffic jam to be war? Do you shift lanes, cut off other drivers, and prematurely exit the highway in attempts to find a quicker route?
11) Do you think being called a “Type A” personality is a compliment?

If you do find this list fits your personality type, be careful. Employees that feel the boss is too overbearing can cause a lack of motivation when it comes to work, and we all know what that leads to.