You are the one thing that your competition doesn’t have and how you use that to grow your business will be remembered often long beyond the sale.

We all have horror stories of that terrible customer service person or “I can’t believe the salesperson said THAT!”.  What each and every business has is a collection of workers and customers and your unique self should be a strong suit for whatever business you own or manage.  Your attitude and behavior will affect others.

Ask any mom what happens when she wakes up grumpy – most likely the children will quickly become grumpy and carry that to school and then bring home reports of misbehavior.  Children in many ways are like customers to the parents and care givers that wrangle them.  When we open our awareness to include how our actions affect others one or two steps beyond us, we sometimes will get an insight into the unintended consequences of our actions. . . good or bad. 

What can we do?

Remember:  Your staff and customers will respond whatever you decide to do. 

 “You’ll never reach your destination if you stop to throw stones at every dog that barks.” – Sir Winston Churchill