We have all done it at one point in our lives or another, that terrifying experience as a child trying to find a ghost. Oh the OfficeGhostthrills it gave us to go on a hunt in the dark.

So why does that experience have to end as an adult?

It doesn’t.

Everyday occurrences that we look over may actually be an infestation of spirits that roam many work places today.

So, in the true spirit of Halloween I have decided to compile a list of things that you can use as a tool to see if your office is haunted.

If you see these occurrences in your office you may want to call in a professional:

  • You put food in the fridge, yet someone (or something!) mysteriously eats it and you never see it again.
  • You have an important meeting and something causes your coffee to jump from your cup to your suit.
  • The copier makes horrific sounds whenever anyone is using it.
  • The printer jams constantly even though you can tell there is no paper jam!
  • You constantly hear whispering that is apparently coming from another co-worker’s cubicle, but when you come around the corner, the whispering mysteriously stops. It looks as if no one was talking at all.
  • Every time you reach for a pen it mysteriously disappears into another dimension.
  • Whenever a critical project is due, the computers always malfunction in some way right before the deadline.
  • The phone somehow always rings just as you are walking away from your desk. It stops just as you get back to pick it up.
  • Your co-workers seem to walk around the office in a possessed zombie sort of way.
  • Just as you are about to leave dum, dum, dum, you are pulled back into the clutches of a last minute customer who tells you after fifteen minutes of relentless questions “I just shopping around right now”.

Do you have any ways to tell if your office is haunted? Let us know, we love to scare ourselves!