WhyDoBlueBirdsHateMeTotally off the subject of business.  This time of year, I have always fed the birds.  I did a report on bird feeding in 3rd grade receiving a “B” which I’m sure was for the awesome colored pencil drawings on creating and installing a squirrel baffle not the poor grammar and spelling.  Seasonally, I have fun tracking the different birds that come and go and with the help of my family, I have a multi-tiered year-round bird stream so fresh water is always available to my feathered friends.

If I’m not at my home office working or watching the bird antics out my window, you can find me working my alternate personality as, “Linda Librarian,” the Business Technology Specialist at the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library.

Back to the birds – I had fun featuring some of the birding books at the library and for all those that feed humming birds – BEWARE the Praying Mantis – they will prey upon your hummers, really – you can see the carnage by googling “hummingbird vs praying mantis”.  Do check out some of the books and upcoming bird counts.