The Alternative Board, a program similar to Changing Lanes’ Mastermind Board Room Groups did a survey of its small  business owners.  The Pdf of Outlook 2014 is a full view of the picture here. businesspulsesurveyinfographic_v5

Getting data about what other business owners think is often an undercover way of finding the sweets in business.  Believe it our not, not all people watch the Media Pundits on TV, in fact, my cable provider no longer offers NBC so this year, I’m watching the Olympics on CBC which means I’m going to know a lot about the Canadian winners.

Back to Outlooks.  When we do annual reports, tax returns and quarterly data, we are only looking at where we have been.  Outlooks give us a pulse of where our peers think we are going. 

Where are you going in 2014?   Do you have some defined goals that will make a difference?