Postcard_VerticalMonday morning, again.  Here are just two things you can start doing this Monday that will make you more productive.  INC Magazine, one of my favorites, had a great article on the nine things to help you be more productive from tips they’d gleaned from some of the most productive.  Most were obvious or in my view not worth delegating.  And that is the key – delegate.

The most productive people know three things:

  • What they are good at doing,
  • What they don’t enjoy doing and
  • What they take too long to do.

That said above, how can you be more productive right now, today, this week?  Delegate.  Many bemoan the fact that they are just one person or a very small office where everyone is stretched to the max and as owner or manager you have to pick up slack.

  1.  Administrative Work.  If you don’t have an administrative assistant, get one.  Your budget won’t allow it?  Pay for it out of your personal checkbook.  Sounds radical?  If you could free up one hour at work, what could you get done to reach your goals?  If a Virtual Assistant costs you $35/hour and this would give you the time to do ______________; isn’t that worth it?  The economic opportunity you miss while typing a letter to a vendor may be much greater than $35.
  2. Procrastination.  Yes, we all procrastinate and sometimes that work needs to be done for real. 
    • Think your tax return.  If you are still doing your own tax return, stop it, get to a professional. 
    • Did you just come across an old “To-Do” list that is still undone?  Passing that off to someone else will give you closure, them a job and your business a chance to move forward instead of just treading water.  Doing someone else’s job is like stealing Karma – you just don’t want to do that.

Take a look at your “To-Do” list for this week and really identify what you could delegate. Delegation is the key to a productive business.