Traveling for business or personal now means many of us take two, three or more devices with us on a trip.  Many of us will have a phone and a computer like device (Ipad, Surface, Laptop, Tablet) and maybe a reading device (Nook or Kindle), too.

Travel Tips:Yagi and laptop

  • Password.  Each device is loaded with data and much personal data!  That said, ALL devices that go with you on a trip need a password.  A password will give you the time needed to shut down a lost phone. 
  • Back Up before you leave.  Before you leave, back up all devices so that if it is lost, stolen or damaged when it is replaced the data is available to you.  I back up my devices to my laptop and the then before I leave if I’m taking my laptop, I clone my hard drive and it stays in a safe place at home.
  • Cloud Back Up. Is really helpful as it is NOT in your home, but somewhere and available everywhere.  So, if you were on an extended trip and you lost your tablet, you could purchase a new one and download your files.  This site compares many of the cloud services and even down to support – you can get one to fit your needs and many have free introductory periods.
  • Chargers. Remember all your chargers and converters if traveling outside North America.  Some devices are easy to get replacements while others not so much.  The Girl Scout Motto is “Be Prepared” for a reason.
  • Wi-Fi Connection.  Not all facilities have free Wi-Fi, so check with your home based service to see what they may recommend.  I’ve had great luck with using a personal hot-spot on my cell phone to connect when a service isn’t available and I can turn it on an off as needed. 
  • Update.  When traveling beyond your normal cell phone range, update your software or roaming capabilities when you arrive and return.  My service has the number *228. What’s yours? 

Returning from my recent trip, I left and returned with all my devices (laptop, Iphone, old Kindle) functioning and still with me.  Successful trip on many levels.  

What is your best tip for traveling with a device?  Happy Trails.