walletSummer is here and the season of travel is upon us.  What’s in your Wallet? is a good ad for a credit card, but it is even a better reminder of what is really in your wallet.  Before you take off on a trip, take an inventory of your wallet or purse.  Make sure you have all the pertinent information related to:

  • Credit Cards you carry.
  • Insurance – health and auto,
  • Passport.
  • Drivers License

Those are the top four, each of us have particulars to our job and business.  When traveling, you may want to keep a copy of each of these documents in your cloud storage, I use dropbox.com.   If using a cloud storage, you will have access to the information if you can get to an Internet cafe.  Store these documents in a safe and secure place and make sure someone (spouse, partner) knows were these are.

Happy trails!