Cleveland OH, 1943 - Lee Kirkby and Bud Lucas.

Cleveland OH, 1943 – Lee Kirkby and Bud Lucas.

Being Memorial Day, I will ask: “Who do you remember on this day?”

As a kid, we always called this Decoration Day and I remember my Mom going with her Mom to decorate the graves of those family members that were gone. This required many geraniums, brooms, and grass clippers. I would overhear stories and history that fascinated me.

My Dad, a WWII vet, had a friend that would put flags on veterans’ graves which apparently started at one bar and ended at another with several in between each May 30. He thought that was the best way to decorate although the straightness of the flags was questionable near the end of the day. In 1968, four US holiday’s were moved to Monday to give us a long weekend to celebrate and start the summer season, and Memorial day was one to become the last Monday of May.

Memories are learning from others and it is a cherished lifetime skill. Learning from my Dad was always fun – Bill Nye, the Science Guy had nothing over my dad. He loved science and math and shared the fun side with all of his kids and students.  He continued to learn through life and mastered cooking when he retired at 59 along with new and better ways to catch fish; first from his fishing boat and later on his pontoon boat because it was “just more comfortable.”

Being a learner and a leader are great goals for all of us. By learning, we show our humanity as no one knows everything.  By leading, we practice our humanity helping others achieve their memories. Remembering those that walked before us is a process of learning and recognizes their leadership.

May your memories be touchstones to a great week.

Bud Lucas on Memorial day 1991 cooking Up North.

Bud Lucas on Memorial day 1991 cooking Up North.