Did you hear about this car company? They “Reinvented” the car. It is amazing! Look how cool it is. It has 4 door, a trunk, a hood with an engine in it, a steering wheel. and can seat 5 people. It has industry standard MPG and looks pretty much like last years model. But don’t worry, it has been reinvented. It is totally not like last years model at all. You should buy one for every family member because they make excellent Christmas gifts. After all they are practically giving them away at $40,000! Ugh, it is the holiday season and that means two car commercials in every commercial break.

These type of commercials have always bothered me, they don’t tell me any thing about the car, why I should buy it, or even give me the impression that I’m getting a good deal. Most of the commercials come off as desperate and wanting me to buy a car just so they don’t have to deal with this year’s stock next year. Not only that I should buy them as gifts to go with my big fancy house. But fear not, we don’t have to condemn the car industry just yet. We can learn some valuable lessons about marketing.