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Want it, Think it, Do it, Become it.

Humans are amazing. If we want to do something bad enough and believe we can, we will find a way. Take for example, the space race, (a little before my time I know, but I feel is one of our

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Continuing Your Education

Take time to improve your skills and knowledge. Take at least 1hr a week to learn something new. Read an article or a chapter in a book. Watch a tutorial. Go to a class, seminar, or training program. What ever

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A Healthy Staff may Save You Money

Small business owners who invest in wellness programs may see monetary benefits as well as a more productive staff. Research suggests that for every $1 spent on worksite health promotion programs, a company can see an average of $2.43 in

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Not Another Evaluation Article!

You know how your staff is performing; you know whether or not you want to give a raise to a deserving staff member, so why on earth do you need staff evaluations? For the small business owners who still do

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The Power of an Email Address

Your email says a lot about you and your business. So much so that an email address can actually lose you business. An email address like all things a client or potential client see is part of your business’s image.

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I can’t give up now

For as long as I remember I’ve always had to complete what I started mentality. You can partly blame my parents for instilling such values. I can blame the rest on myself for pushing myself even further. But really is

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