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The Core of Your Business

We have all heard a manager joke to employees saying “Do what I say, not what I do”.  Managing by modeling the behavior we need is an important first step in Great Leadership.

If we want our employees and peers to be on time, we need to be on time ourselves. 
If we want our neighborhood [Read More]

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Are you following up?

If you don’t have a customer retention plan as part of your sales and marketing process, then you are missing half your sales. You could be losing customers because they might feel you forgot about them and just thought  they were a dollar sign. Here is a simple start to a retention plan that will [Read More]

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Deciding to Move to Great

Stephen Covey and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has helped 20 million readers learn to be effective.  His recent passing was remembered around the world and in 2005, he brought the 8th Habit:  From Effectiveness to Greatness to the world.   To become a great individual or company means that each individual needs to [Read More]

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Ask the Right Question.

When it comes doing business it isn’t always about the money and it shouldn’t be. Beyond doing what you love. It should be about the client. Now, now, hold on, yes you need to make money to pay bills but if all you think about is making money, I doubt you will have time to [Read More]

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Attributes of Good Leadership

Hiring can be difficult but knowing what you want in your management can make or break the way your company is perceived by the public. A bad leader can create a negative atmosphere that will spread itself throughput your company and eventually into your customer service.
Overlooking great qualities and going for the good salesmen that [Read More]

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All of Your Work Should be Good!

Saw this quote and found it’s origin on The Cynical Girl. A great way to look at your job – yup, you were hired to do a good job! Enjoy –Linda

“I think good work stands on its own. And poor performance is poor performance. I shouldn’t have to tell you to do good work because [Read More]

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Leave Space for Wisdom

Summer gives us the luxury of slowing down and being more relaxed.  With that said, finding time to do all our work, sometimes means taking things more slowly.  In our rush around world, we often are so involved in “doing” we forget to reflect on our “being”.
Think of this as summer school – what can [Read More]

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Double Check Before Showing Your Client

One of the worst things you can do is let your clients be the proof reader on a project when they don’t know they are the proof reader. It makes you look bad and it wastes everyone’s time when they have to point out mistakes rather than focusing on the result.
A little while back I [Read More]

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Thinking of Starting a Business? Here is a competition for you!  Check it out!
If you are one of the top sellers at the end of the competition, you’ll get:

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Plus, just for entering the Build-A-Business competition, you’ll receive a free .CO domain for 12 months, $100 in Google [Read More]

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Customer Service and Summer Casual

July is here and casual is often the order of the day.  Hot weather, vacation schedules and casual thinking can often lead to customer problems. Keeping your business relevant, reliable and relaxed for the rest of the summer will mean you may want to revisit your customer service methods.  Let’s look at some customer service [Read More]

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