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How much time did I spend on that?

I can’t even remember but I know I spent more time than I should have. Did I even price it right? Who knows. I’m sure you have felt this way about a project at some point. It feels like you

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The Domain Name Scam

Today I would like to talk about a little known but prolific scam that I’ve been asked about several times within the last few months. The scam has to do with domain name registration and domain name “services”. What is

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You may have heard the acronym before, but it is well worth mentioning again, S.M.A.R.T. goals. Setting goals the SMART way will help make your goals easier to obtain and help your staff get on the same page for the

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It Doesn’t Hurt to say “No”

Back when I first started out my professional career as a web designer I would take on every and any web or media based job I could get my hands on. My list of services was a mile long. I

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What do you mean Email isn’t Secure?

A few weeks ago my business friend, Steve told me he was signing up for a conference that I might be interested in attending. It’s a national conference hosted by a pretty big company. Upon checking out the conference I

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