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Understanding the difference between a Business Loan and Line of Credit (LOC)

Think – Line of Credit (LOC) for short term needs, usually less than a year and a Loan for longer than a year.
A LOC is very useful for the unexpected financial surprises and having one before you need it is equally important.  Check out Legalzooms article about the use of both at Busines Loan vs. [Read More]

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Knowing When to Say Good-Bye

Is it more economical for you to retrain or fire a poor performing staff member? In today’s economy many businesses are retraining their staff members instead of finding new talent.  Having to find a new staff member and take the time and manpower to train can be more expensive than simply retraining.  So when do [Read More]

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Knowing Enough

“A good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow.”— George Patton
Several times over the last few weeks I’ve had conversations about leadership with friends, colleagues, clients and family.  Wikipedia describes leadership as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the [Read More]

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Service/Product Overload

One of the best things about the technology age that we live in is all the different options when it comes to services and products. Look up any product or service and you will find hundreds of different choices, that can be from just one company! In theory this has allowed us as a consumers [Read More]

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Business Expo Networking

This past week we went to a local business expo. We didn’t have a booth but we were there to support other local businesses, network, and support the people who put on the expo. Over all it was a good expo. It was well organized, easy to find, in a good building with plenty of [Read More]

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Planning for Vacation

Ah, Summer. . .the siren call of vacation and summer activities is upon us!  Dealing with time off requires everyone in your firm to think a little differently.  Vacations are proven productivity enhancers and innovation simulators  but also vacations can cause stress for managers, employees and even vacationers.
Here are some vacation tips so that employees [Read More]

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Keeping Staff Accountable

The best practice to keeping your staff members accountable is to practice what you preach.  As an owner or manager, if you come in late, take extended lunches or leave early on a regular basis your staff will follow suit.  Here are a few ways to keep your staff accountable for their actions.
Documentation – A [Read More]

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Accountability – Who Holds the Cards?

This week we are all about accountability and personal accountability is the antithesis of  whining about the cards I was dealt.  Whining has its merits, but it seldom gets anything done except annoy those around me.
According to John Miller in his book QBQ! Question Behind the Question, learning to rephrase a question starts with an [Read More]

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Be Accountable to Your Clients

To me being accountable means being responsible for your actions and showing that you can follow through AND follow up. By being accountable, it builds trust between you and your client. Which will help your business relationship prosper. If that isn’t a good enough reason to be accountable I don’t know what is!
Accountability is a [Read More]

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Be a Guest Blogger on Changing Lanes!

Would you like to share your business insight, expertise or an interesting experience? I mean who wouldn’t? The business world is full of exciting business stuff! If this is the case we would like to hear from you by inviting you to be a guest blogger on Changing Lanes!
Here’s how you can contribute. Simply share your [Read More]

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