Why do staff member become disengaged? Is it just the type of personality they have or can you transform the grumpy lack of enthusiasm staff member back into a contributing member of your workforce.

First let’s take a look at why staff members may become disengaged.

  • Not getting the support our proper coaching from their managers.not
  • The feeling their opinions do not matter to your company.
  • Not believing in upper management’s competence.
  • Much of the workforce is not appreciated.
  • Not knowing what direction the company needed, or even wants to go.
  • Not communicating.
  • Not being treated as first class workers.

Now take a look at the complaints again. Maybe you saw it the first time around, there is a commonality between them all, communication and consideration. Not to put the blame in your hands, it is hard for any company in these times to keep up with trying to maintain a business and maintain staff morale. My point is to show that it can get better. Take each complaint and remove the “not“. There is always a solution to every complaint.