This is a short work week and many of us are dreaming of summer fun. Making some short term expectations for the summer season could mean that beside affording you and your staff some much need R & R, you could reach September with some new ideas or skills. That brings a whole new meaning to the essay “How I spent my Summer Vacation”.

Things to do that will make the summer memorable:

  • Read a business  book  – we at Changing Lanes have lots of suggestions, but even taking one off      your stack of “to-read-someday” would be a good start.
  • Read a fiction book  – maybe even one of your kids’ books; could be the conversation starter you would enjoy.
  • Listen to educational information – so many podcasts are free and on just about any topic. You can even learn a language.
  • Change something  in your lifestyle to become more healthy; suggest a challenge to your      colleagues, co-workers or family.
  • Attend a Conference  and it doesn’t have to be work related; it could be something totally      different or maybe a hobby!

Now, to really make this happen,

1. Make a SMART goal,

2. Post it so you see it twice a day and we will

3. Have a celebration in September! Oh yes, sharing our goals often helps it happen!

Linda Lucas Fayerweather