This week we are all about accountability and personal accountability is the antithesis of  whining about the cards I was dealt.  Whining has its merits, but it seldom gets anything done except annoy those around me.

According to John Miller in his book QBQ! Question Behind the Question, learning to rephrase a question starts with an individual and can transform family, company and individual interactions.

When I want to say:

  • Why do I have to go through all this change? –victim thinking; or
  • When will someone solve this problem? –procrastination thoughts; or
  • Whose idea was that? –finger-pointing;

Restating these questions with Why or How creates the question behind the first question leading to accountability:

  • What can I do today to help change this situation?
  • How can I better understand this problem?
  • What action can I take to find a better way of getting this idea feasible?

No matter how many team-building events we attend, my experience has shown that getting the team to work as a team requires each individual member to consciously become accountable.  In the end, for success to happen, individual commitment and accountability are essential. This becomes a top to bottom core value.

This week, challenge yourself to be the QBQ! in your life and let us know your experience.  Enjoy the cards you were dealt as your mind is the winning card!

Checkout Naomi in Ohio’s story about QBQ!  Cupcakes to Go.