We have all heard a manager joke to employees saying “Do what I say, not what I do”.  Managing by modeling the behavior we need is an important first step in Great Leadership.

  • If we want our employees and peers to be on time, we need to be on time ourselves. 
  • If we want our neighborhood litter free, we know not to litter.  

Savvy Business Owners know if you don’t have the time to practice what you preach, you don’t believe it yourself!  One way to get started is to know your own core values and the values that are important to your business.

Core values are. . .

  • Those values we hold which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.
  • Guide business processes
  • Clarify who we are
  • Articulate what we stand for
  • Help explain why we do business the way we do
  • Are constant – don’t change with the market

Personally,  I see core values as quintessential to being able to accurately know why you are in business for:

Your Customers
Your Employees
Your Vendors
Your Stakeholders (shareholders, investors, family)

When the business practices don’t align with the values – confusion takes place that will no doubt lead to a less profitable adventure.

Read on for core value thoughts from Tiffiny related to language and Jeff on customer retention.  Spread your core values and watch your business grow.  Core values speak even when you don’t.