According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 64% of employers said that they’d think less of an employee who repeatedly uses curse words, and 57% would be less likely to mouthpromote that person.

Does your office culture promote naughty words?

Many businesses with a relaxed internal culture tend to become a breeding ground for foul words. Business need to nip the naughty in order to make sure this culture doesn’t slip into your customer service.
Paying attention to the way you speak to your staff and asking that they refrain from foul language in the workplace is a good way to start.   When a relaxed business atmosphere condones foul language, outsiders will believe this is reflective of the company’s core values.  In the long run, this can limit customers, vendors and potential employees. What we say, does matter.

Think about the CareerBuilder survey mentioned earlier in the terms of 64% of customers said they would think less of your business. Would that change your mind about letting curse words go?