If you are not working ON your business at least 5 hours a week, then maybe on your way home tonight you will want to pick up some cheese and crackers so when you “whine” you won’t be doing it on an empty stomach.  In Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth Mastery as entrepreneurs, we are reminded to work ON our business and not IN our business.  In reality, the business owner with less than 15 employees will often not have the luxury to spend all her time ON the business.  Here are some questions to start your thinking beyond the day to day work:

1.  When will you spend 3 hours planning weekly? Is it scheduled?

2.  What can you do this week to create a better tomorrow?  (write it down)

3.  What core competencies do your employees possess which can be leveraged to affect sales growth? (write them down)

4.  What is the number one bottleneck in your business that is holding back growth of sales, profit or both? (Document these)

5.  If you had to price everything your employees and you do on an invoice for your customer, how many of these items would your customer recognize as value-added?

These questions are key to helping create a sellable business that will thrive – with or without you.  Carving out some time each week to plan and reflect will lead to a better tomorrow and maybe a celebration with wine and not whine.

How is your business doing?   Knowing where your business is right now, will help you concentrate your efforts on your future – get your Sellability Score.  ScoreCard