Want to make 2013 the year your business gets organized? Start now!

Here are a few ways to make the new year a little less cluttered;

  • Scan your receipts and invoices and electronically file them by month. Some office programs even allow the electronic copy to be attached to the item.
  • Get rid of old files no longer needed. Just make sure you understand how long you are required to keep old records. You may be able to scan them for space saving issues.  IRS recommendations
  • Color code physical files for quick recognition. Making all financial records green and customer files red, etc.
  • Review your contracts and identify which are near end. You may be able to save money by renegotiating before it is too late.
  • Update all staff files. Make sure everyone has all the correct paperwork needed for their position and tax purposes.
  • Update your procedures for changes and additions.
  • Scan all the business cards you have collected and finally put them into a database.

Starting on the end of the year activities now can help save you time, and make your new year a little easier. Happy Organizing!