Procrastination is a lot like playing Words with Friends®, you spend time, have some fun but when you are done; the dishes are still in the sink to wash!

Well, entrepreneurs are famous for finding ways to start the next adventure before making sure the last one is complete.  And often it doesn’t mean you, the entrepreneur need to do the work, it just needs to find a way to get done.  If you don’t like the work, delegate it to an employee or outsource it.  If it is yours to do, here are some simple tips to help you get the work.  

  • Identify some rewards you will get when a project is completed – the bigger the project completed the bigger and better the reward.
  • Break big projects into smaller steps, this is a simple process that lean manufacturing does to keep quality high.   
  • Get an accountability buddy or support group or mastermind group and connect regularly (at least monthly). 
  • Clean up the clutter in your workspace – clutter serves as reminders of other projects.

Know that you will not kick the procrastination habit quickly, but each step will get you closer to your goal and don’t forget – DELEGATING and OUTSOURCING are great tricks!  Using a Virtual Assistant or a Bookkeeper often means you get more done at the higher level of work – even in a very small firm. 

Do share with us what has worked for you on taming the procrastination giant!