When you are contemplating selling your business, quitting your job, or changing your personal situation, unless you have a time machine, unusually a “do-over” is not possible.  Instead, change your view, literally and figuratively!


  • Instead of sitting in your office stand or sit in the conference room,
  • Change the location of your desk in your office if possible,
  • Change your office – if you are the owner, move away from the office hub-bub,
  • Dress-up more for work,
  • Drive a different way to work and buy your AM beverage someplace different,
  • Read a different newspaper or turn off the TV and radio,
  • Sit in a different chair at dinner time, or
  • Acknowledge strangers with a nod or smile.


  • Do a visioning exercise here.
  • Change your job mindset – think of it as a stepping stone to your next adventure.  Or as a client did, she continued working but thought of her job as a great retirement job.  This simple change made her want to come to work and be a great employee instead of worrying about the corporate ladder.
  • Change your mindset of your business – getting a plan to selling, passing it on or maybe even merging means you need to be ready.  Get a heads-up of your readiness with the Sellability Score here.
  • Reread Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  and start with the end in mind.  If you don’t know where you want to end your business, your career, or leave your personal legacy, you will likely get somewhere – it just might be a surprise – and often not a good one.


Now, if you don’t get an insight right away, continue for on this project for at least a month because often what needs a “do-over” is our way of thinking.  When we get comfortable with our beauty and our warts we sometimes fail to see the opportunities for the future.  Change your focal point and see what happens!